For the wet lacquering process, we use alkyd-synthetic, K2 two-component, single-component and acrylate paints in a spray booth from the Italian producer FUTURA. The booth includes carbon filters with dimensions 16,5 x 7,5 x 5,5 meters and a drying process with 65°C. An advantage of the spray booths is that they accommodate a three-tonne crane to handle the lacquered products. For this reason, it is possible to coat long and excessively heavy pieces. We also deal with structure painting. Rooms for preparations and storage. We pay a great attention to this stage because an excellent preparation of the surfaces prior to the lacquering process is a basis for the high-quality final structure of layers and the long lifetime and resistance. Prior to the surface treatment, the products are blasted, sand blasted, and mechanically cleaned using environmental degreasers. We sweep the zinc-coated surfaces; we are able to ensure metallizing or Schoop plating.